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The Time Traveler's Wife By Audrey Niffenegger (2004) 4 stars

Surprisingly good story that's not too corny

4 stars

Starting this book, I was worried, that it's gonna be one of those heavy romance novels but I'm glad I stuck around. It sure is romance, no doubt about it, but the story was good enough to keep me interested until the end. I try to not spoil anything here, as always.

The mechanics of the time travel are well done. It left some questions open, but not enough to pull me out of the story. I especially like the way she goes about time paradoxes. It's a bit of an easy way to deal with it, but at least it's done consistently. Maybe that's just me, but I dislike books that try to come up with some complicated approach to some known fiction theme and end up creating obvious plot holes that distract me from the story itself. It could also be, that the story did a better job …

Wool Omnibus (2012, Broad Reach Publishing) 4 stars

This Omnibus Edition collects the five Wool books into a single volume. It is for …

A solid story

4 stars

A surprisingly good story, so I'm gonna read the rest of the trilogy. It's worthwhile, the story seems to mostly make sense, the characters are believable, the descriptions make it feel somewhat natural and it has some surprises while not relying too much on those. I'm pleased by how the story is built and progression through the chapters is also influencing the way it is told.

Just an all-around solid book, would recommend it, even just the first book alone. I'm looking forward to what is coming in the next two books, hopefully it's not doing a Metro 2034 on me.

The Circle 1 star

When Mae Holland is hired to work for the Circle, the world's most powerful internet …

Don't read it, it's probably worse than the movie

1 star

Just save your time, skip this one, it's baaaad.

The protagonist is so extremely naive, the plot points are only surprising in the way that they always go down the route that's so stupid you wouldn't believe the author actually goes there.

The only redeeming quality is the topic. There is so much potential for a fantastic story, but it's just mind boggling how you could screw it up this bad. The personalities of the characters are bland, the technologies are often outright impossible just to allow certain things to be possible, the story is unbelievable as where the plot points go, the dialogs are weird, the way he portrays women is very weird to say the least (especially the toilet scene with "him") ... I could go on for hours with that, but just don't read it. Maybe watch the movie, but don't waste your time with the book. …

Die Ermordung des Commendatore 02 (Hardcover, 2018, DuMont Buchverlag GmbH) 5 stars

Sono nen no gogatsu kara yokunen no hajime ni kakete, watashi wa semai tanima no …

Don't trust my judgement on this, I like Murakami books too much

5 stars

This second part of Killing Commendatore is even better than the first book and I can't really put my finger on the reason why exactly.

Obviously, there are pointers for me, mostly the way he writes his stories: - How he just casually talks about some minor off topic point at great length - The awkward sexual side plots (I don't actually like them, but I expect them and get weirded out) - Delivering everything like you'd think about it happening in the moment - Some plot points leading into nothing, things that seemed important not going anywhere - Nothing really happens, yet I enjoy exactly that every time - How the protagonist is very much in the story and not part of it at the same time - and many many more

That's the general, why I love Murakami books section. I think my brain just likes his writing, …

Die Ermordung des Commendatore Band 1 (Paperback, German language, 2018, DuMont Buchverlag GmbH & Co. KG) 4 stars

Allein reist der namenlose Erzähler und Maler ziellos durch Japan. Schließlich zieht er sich in …

Just another Murakami (in a good way)

4 stars

It may sound wrong, but this is just another one of his books, describing mundane tasks, awkward interactions and weird description of sex scenes. I don't know why I love this so much, but I do.

I have a hard time describing noteworthy points, as with all of his books, there's usually no big twist, no big and important overarching plot. It's just some dude, going through his daily routine, some (paranormal) stuff happens, but he's just trying to deal with it. Not in a very brave way, just to survive and have a normal life.

Of course there are big events in this book, there is progress in the plot, but it's just something that happens. He's not the plot, he's just part of it, trying to make the best of what other people are doing.

I just enjoy exactly that. What happens if some paranormal stuff would really …

The Dark Tower (Paperback, 2016, Pocket Books) 3 stars

“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.”

In a desolate …

I don't get why people like this

2 stars

People say this is a good book and series but I can't agree to that. It's just chaotic and doesn't make any sense, the writing seems overly dramatic and "flowery", meaning he describes things so weird, with weird details and weird metaphors. I couldn't even read it to the end and stopped at like 80 or 90%. I have no interest in reading the other novels in the series, it's just not my type of writing I guess. I never liked any Stephen King books until this one and I read a bunch now. It's not getting any better, maybe I should just give up on trying to like his writing.

Metro 2035 (2016, Heyne Verlag) 3 stars

Better than Metro 2034, worse than Metro 2033

3 stars

Yeah, it took me forever to read this book. I listened to this as an audio book, which is why it took me so long.

I'm glad that this one is better than Metro 2034, but sadly not by a huge margin. This book is filled with monologues by Artyom, seriously stupid decisions and unnecessary and predictable plot points. It's sad to see that the author seems to have reached his peak with the first book.

Seriously, the amount of monologues from Artyom, where he preaches to some people, how this and that is important, them listening intensely and whatnot is just plain stupid.

Also: As soon as I read that certain characters from Metro 2034 appeared, I almost didn't want to read any further. That and other characters from the last book weren't as annoying as I thought, though they still didn't help much.

The whole idea of this …

Average is Over (Hardcover, 2013, Dutton) 2 stars

Widely acclaimed as one of the world’s most influential economists, Tyler Cowen returns with his …

Not even average in my opinion

2 stars

I don't know what I was expecting of this book, I seldom read that much into why a book is on my reading list. I get recommendations and if it looks interesting I will save it and probably read it months, if not even years later. This system works most of the time, it didn't this time around.

There are some interesting ideas in this book: The distribution of wealth (at least if we don't do anything about it, which the author says we won't), the distribution of work and the quality of it (same argument as above) and the way we will live (which has some very far fetched ideas).

The last point is one of the most stupid things about this book. He attests, that older people will end up living in the poorest neighborhoods, because it makes sense to live where it is cheapest if you don't …

Embrace your weird: face your fears and unleash creativity (Paperback, 2019, Gallery Books) 4 stars

In Embrace Your Weird, New York Times bestselling author, producer, actress, TV writer, and award-winning …

Am I out of touch? Am I getting old and grumpy? 😱

4 stars

I'm not sure what to say about this book, the whole way it was written was a bit off for my taste. I feel like a grumpy old man saying this, but man, I'm too old for the over the top quirkiness.

I find it admirable that she wants to help people kick-start their creativity, the exercises are a good way to go here and she tries to make it approachable. I think it has some very good parts in it, especially those about projects being more about the process instead of only the goal. The structure was nice, I think she chose a good set of descriptions for the obstacles and how to circumvent them. There are also many good tips on how to make your creative endeavor easier.

It would have been nice if all that excellent information wasn't as hidden. She tries to write a self-help book, …

Dune (Hardcover, 1987, Berkley) 4 stars

Set on the desert planet Arrakis, Dune is the story of the boy Paul Atreides, …

It's like Lord of the Rings, but in space and a desert planet

4 stars

The whole story and world is such a vast and complex system. It often felt like some kind of bible story, which is very much on purpose, especially with those intro texts to every chapter. I did enjoy reading it, though it didn't pull me in as much as other books did. I'm not going to read the other books though, that's just too much for me.

It feels wrong, but that's kinda it. There's not much else to say there for me, I'm content with what I read and that's it. Nothing stuck in my mind, the protagonist felt a bit too predictable for my taste. I don't want to spoil anything, but it's just like those epic stories about this hero and his adventures.

I would recommend this one though, I think it had a nice pacing, twists, character development and rich personalities. I get why some would …

Foundation (Foundation #1) (2004, Bantam Books) 4 stars

One of the great masterworks of science fiction, the Foundation novels of Isaac Asimov are …

Another one of those "Why do people like this so much" books

3 stars

This time, I'm not gonna read the whole trilogy.

I'm baffled that I don't enjoy another one of those books that so many people hype. I like some of his other books, but maybe I just don't fancy his writing style.

This whole system of "Is it gonna work? IS IT REALLY GONNA WORK?!?!? Yes it worked" is just not my jam. There wasn't that much sci-fi in this one as well, it's just a very minor detail to it.

This whole books starts with a guy that invents a way to guess what will happen in the future and nobody else can do that somehow. It was something that was invented and not some magic device. How is it impossible for everyone else to figure this out? Why did everyone just fall back a thousand steps in technology? Why did nobody look much more into it the first time …

The Introvert Advantage (2002, Workman Publishing Company) 3 stars

This is probably useful to someone?

3 stars

I didn't get much out of this book, even though I thought I'm an introvert. It's so much about how you shouldn't feel bad about being one, which is good, but goes a bit haywire on how much you should be cuddled up to. It suggested, to me at least, that you need to be protected and all the things you have to consider to survive.

Maybe I'm just not the right person to read this one, but it was just a bunch of "you are good the way you are" and "you poor little thing" repeated over and over again. Oh and soooo many lists.

It's probably helpful if you are totally overwhelmed by life and by you being an introvert, giving you very detailed tips on how survive practically every situation. If you are not part of this very small subset of introverts, you better skip this one.

Death's End (2017, Head of Zeus Ltd) 4 stars

Half a century after the Doomsday Battle, the uneasy balance of Dark Forest Deterrence keeps …

The science is really good though

4 stars

I'm still at odds with this book and the whole trilogy. This one is better than the second books but it's still just okay 🤷🏼 Everything about the science is top notch though. I like the explanations, he doesn't overdo it, but it's still thorough enough to get the gist of the idea. If somebody was struggling to find a sci-fi book, because he/she already read so many, this would be a good contender, especially if it should be more about the science and less about the characters. This is the biggest weakness though: the characters seem so one-dimensional. Cheng Xin as the protagonist in this book did have a tiny bit more deepness than usual, but all surrounding characters were lacking. 艾AA was built up as the fun but clever character by Cheng Xin, but she never did anything fun really. Luo Ji was just there I guess (without …

The Dark Forest (2015) 4 stars

The Dark Forest (Chinese: 黑暗森林, pinyin: Hēi'àn sēnlín) is a 2008 science fiction novel by …

"I guess I have to read the whole story now"

3 stars

That was my first thought after finishing the first novel in the trilogy. This second book didn't change that much in my thinking. It's still okay, I liked some aspects, such as the whole 'Wallfacer' idea, but it still had a few very weird subplots, that just seem so out of place. The whole romantic subplot made me cringe, it reminded me of mail order brides. The feelings, decisions and personality of the woman in question are unimportant. Maybe that's a cultural thing but there were so many pages about this whole thing and it's just weird.

The whole idea of the dark forest is interesting, the droplet was also a good part. I wish he put more time into the characters and the story, not just into the science. That's the thing, I remember most of the science, but the characters are all very much replaceable.

In the end, …

The Three-Body Problem (Hardcover, 2014, Tor Books) 4 stars

Within the context of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, a military project sends messages to alien …

Sci-Fi from a different persepective

4 stars

I was surprised to read a Chinese sci-fi novel, but it's an interesting perspective on it. At first I thought this is going to be all about China, being for or against the CCP regime and a bit of sci-fi sprinkled on it, but it was the opposite!

The parts that were leaning on it being in China were great, it's a different view on how to write sci-fi, which is usually VERY centered on the US. I hope for more non-US authors in the sci-fi world, there's a lot to explore here.

The ending surprised me, because I read through it much faster than I thought. This should be a good thing, but I only noticed how far in I was, because I couldn't believe that this is how it's gonna end. It was a bit disappointing, but it's a trilogy, so and it felt very much written in …