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The Actual Star (Hardcover, 2021, Harper Voyager) 5 stars

The Actual Star takes readers on a journey over two millennia and six continents —telling …

The Actual Star

4 stars

This one gave me Cloud Atlas vibes.

It's set across three timelines: ancient Maya, contemporary, and 1000 years in the future - I enjoyed the future segments and worldbuilding the most.

I feel like one needs to have a solid grounding in latine culture to get the most out of this.

The Healers' Road 4 stars

Agna had looked forward to her overseas assignment for the last four years. It was …

The Healers' Road

4 stars

The Healers' Road isn't my usual type of book (although you might think differently if you witnessed the T. Kingfisher bibliography pour through my timeline), but I enjoyed it very much.

It's very much a book about interpersonal relationships, decorated in a vaguely fantastic setting, and the author wonderfully illustrated concepts like how uncommunicated assumptions can poison your interactions with someone, or how hiding things we're afraid of or embarrassed by often lead to us suffering more.

I'm looking forward to the second part, although I think I'll need to cleanse my palate with something faster-paced first.